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Providing Legal
Support to Our Community

Since 1998

Providing Legal
Support to Our Community

Since 1998

Estate Planning, Administration And Litigation Solutions

One of our primary practice areas at Johnson & Johnson, Attorneys At Law, is estate planning. In fact, attorney John M. Johnson has helped countless clients from throughout Morris County and New Jersey’s northern and central regions, thanks to his excellent reputation as not only an estate planning guide but also as an administrator and litigator.

We Offer Estate Plans Ranging From Simple To Complex

When people think of estate plans, the majority of them think of either wills or massively complex estate plans they hear about in entertainment news stories. While both schools of thought are forms of estate planning, the type of estate plan an individual needs is as unique as the individual.

At our law firm, we offer a wide range of estate planning tools, including:

  • Special-needs guardianships
  • Simple wills
  • Living wills
  • General durable powers of attorney
  • Trusts

During a consultation with our lawyer he will ask you to explain your current situation, your expectations for the future and your priorities when it comes to your own life and the assets you will leave behind. With this information, he can help you ensure the protection of both your own future and the futures of your family members.

More Than Just Estate Planning

We offer not only estate planning but also estate administration, estate litigation and probate services. Whether you need someone to oversee the distribution of an estate, to represent you in an inheritance dispute or to guide your family through the probate process, look no further than the law firm of Johnson & Johnson, Attorneys At Law.

Take The First Step Today

If you would like to discuss your need for an estate plan or any other issue that falls under the practice area with Mr. Johnson, we invite you to schedule an initial consultation at our Florham Park law office. Call 973-937-8959 or email us today to take the first step toward eliminating your estate-related concerns.