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Providing Legal
Support to Our Community

Since 1998

Securing Your Finances After Your Divorce

Because New Jersey is an equitable distribution state, courts here require property settlements to divide marital possessions fairly. While fair usually means 50-50, it’s important to have an experienced attorney protect your financial interests when valuing and dividing marital property.

In Florham Park, Johnson & Johnson, Attorneys At Law, provides high-caliber representation to families at all stages of the divorce process, including marital property negotiations. Sharon E. Johnson, our firm’s family law attorney, has decades of experience advocating for clients. She uses this insight when she advises you on your best long-term options, so that the terms you negotiate today continue to benefit you in the future.

Leverage Our Knowledge To Receive Favorable Terms

Assets and property you owned before your marriage are considered separate property, as is any inheritance you received during your marriage. However, complications can arise. For example, if you invest marital assets in separate property such as a house or business you owned before your marriage, your spouse may be entitled to receive a portion of the property for this contribution.

Our lawyers take these facts into consideration when we create a strategy for handling complex property division matters, such as:

  • Property division of primary and secondary residences
  • Valuation and division of business assets
  • Pension plans, IRAs and 401(k) accounts
  • Investment accounts

When your hire our firm, you will be partnered with a team of professionals. We will examine your financial accounts, real estate, business assets and other marital possessions to prepare for negotiations. In addition, we work with valuation experts who can assess complex executive compensation packages, including stock options and restricted stock.

Understand Your Options Before You Sign Your Agreement. Talk To Us Today.

Our marital property division attorney is qualified to represent you in litigation, mediation and the collaborative divorce process. Contact her to learn which approach will provide the most favorable results for you. You can schedule an appointment with Sharon Johnson online or over the phone at 973-937-8959.