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Providing Legal
Support to Our Community

Since 1998

Helping You Receive The Alimony You Deserve

When couples are negotiating the terms of their divorce, they often struggle to agree on alimony payments. Unlike child support orders, there are no clear guidelines that can be used to determine spousal maintenance. As a primary caregiver, you can face uncertainty when the contributions you have made to your family’s success are not easily calculated.

Johnson & Johnson, Attorneys At Law, is committed to securing favorable alimony terms so that you can maintain your lifestyle and look after your children. Attorney Sharon E. Johnson has represented Morris County families confronting family law challenges for over 20 years. She uses her substantial legal background to design negotiation strategies that compensate you for your sacrifices and stabilize your income.

Advocating For You In And Out Of Court

When parties are unable to reach an agreement, it is up to a judge to decide the alimony award. This determination is affected by a variety of factors, including:

  • The length of your marriage
  • The standard of living established during your marriage
  • Each spouse’s emotional, physical and financial welfare
  • Your work experience and the type of training you require to obtain a full-time position
  • Your spouse’s ability to pay alimony in addition to his or her living expenses

In New Jersey, courts are no longer required to award permanent alimony. Amounts awarded vary widely for couples who have been married less than 20 years. If your future opportunities rely on the award you receive, it is wise to maintain control over the process by negotiating terms out of court.

When you hire us, you benefit from the range of approaches you are able to pursue. Ms. Johnson is qualified to litigate, negotiate, mediate and engage in the collaborative process on your behalf. Whatever method you choose, you can be certain that we will promote your best interests.

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Representing yourself in alimony negotiations may limit your ability to receive a fair agreement. When you consult with our lawyer at our Florham Park office, we will study your circumstances and give you an honest assessment of your case. Get in touch with us today online or over the phone at 973-937-8959.