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Providing Legal
Support to Our Community

SINCE 1998

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Assisting In Grandparent And Stepparent Adoptions

Some of the most common adoptions in New Jersey are those between stepparents and stepchildren and between grandparents and grandchildren. In these cases, the adoption usually gives legal standing to a parent-child relationship that already exists.

When grandparents or stepparents want to be recognized as the legal parent of a family member, they petition for a kinship or stepparent adoption. If you wish to adopt a family member, you can streamline this process by speaking with a qualified lawyer.

Sharon E. Johnson is the principal family law practitioner at Johnson & Johnson, Attorneys At Law. Since 1998, she has helped thousands of Morris County families resolve intricate legal matters involving children. She is the staunch advocate you want by your side throughout the adoption process.

We Have The Skill Set To Streamline This Process

Before the court will approve an adoption, you will need to obtain a full and final termination of a biological parent’s rights through:

  • Voluntary termination, in which the birth parent willingly gives up his or her rights
  • Involuntary termination, in which the court determines that the biological parent should lose parenting rights

Sharon E. Johnson has vast experience representing clients in hearings in area courts. She draws on her litigation background and knowledge of court procedures when a biological parent does not voluntarily give up his or her parenting rights.

Adopting a family member takes persistence and know-how. For more than two decades, we have consistently demonstrated these attributes in our work and words. You should expect nothing less of your legal team when you are working to enhance your family’s future.

We Invite You To Share Your Story With Us Today

We are eager to help and ready to take the first steps toward filing your petition. Reach our Florham Park firm online or over the phone at 973-937-8959.