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Providing Legal
Support to Our Community

Since 1998

Ensuring Your Children Receive Fair Financial Support

New Jersey courts have established specific guidelines for calculating monthly child support payments that one parent is required to pay to the other following a divorce. However, these guidelines are not exhaustive. Often, parents need to discuss additional obligations before finalizing their agreement. Finding common ground at this stage can be a challenge.

When Morris County parents are struggling with child support issues, they contact Johnson & Johnson, Attorneys At Law. Family law attorney Sharon E. Johnson is an accomplished trial lawyer. She strives to secure a support agreement that promotes your child’s best interests and aligns with your priorities.

Whether you are seeking an out-of-court solution or need the court’s involvement, attorney Johnson provides knowledgeable guidance.

Leveraging Our Experience During Negotiations

Child support obligations are determined by custody arrangements and other factors that include:

  • Each parent’s income
  • The child’s age
  • The number of children in the household
  • Living expenses for each child, including food, clothing, housing and health care

New Jersey uses two worksheets: one for shared parenting (the payer has the child at least 28 percent of the overnights per year) and one for sole parenting (the payer has the child fewer than 28 percent of the overnights).

We will use our substantial understanding of New Jersey case law to ensure your support recompenses such expenses as:

  • Extracurricular activities, such as dance lessons or sports fees
  • Education expenses, such as ACT and SAT prep courses, or boarding school tuition
  • Medical fees not covered by health care, including co-pays
  • Services for children with special needs

When you are in the middle of divorce proceedings, addressing current issues can take all of your focus. You can rely on us to recommend options that support your child’s future interests as well. Our comprehensive family law services include post-judgment actions for modifying child support orders.

Confused About Child Support Guidelines? Contact Us To Learn More.

We will take the time to explain New Jersey’s support requirements and apply them to your unique circumstances. Please email or call 973-937-8959 to arrange a meeting with us at our Florham Park office today.