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Providing Legal
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Since 1998

Modifying Your Agreement To Reflect Life Changes

New Jersey courts recognize that it is not possible to anticipate all the ways your life will change after your divorce is finalized. For this reason, judges will modify custody and support orders if you have a qualifying reason.

The lawyers at Johnson & Johnson, Attorneys At Law, understand the modification process. We have helped hundreds of Morris County families file petitions and obtain enforceable orders. Whether you have received a new job or your financial circumstances have changed, we will pursue the most effective approach to get results.

Establishing A Compelling Argument To Obtain Your Modification

Sharon E. Johnson is our firm’s principal family law attorney. With over 20 years of service in this practice area, she knows which evidence and arguments convince judges to approve modifications.

When you have experienced a substantial life change, we can petition to change the terms of your child custody or parenting time agreement. Attorney Johnson represents clients for a variety of matters, including:

  • A job change
  • A relocation
  • Violations of a custody order
  • Your child’s expressed wishes

New Jersey courts will also modify support agreements to reflect an unforeseen change in income. These significant changes can be positive or negative and include:

  • A substantial increase in salary or a bonus
  • Job loss
  • A rise in medical costs due to disability or another health condition

In addition to arguing cases before Florham Park judges and those in the surrounding areas, Ms. Johnson is trained in collaborative divorce and is a court-approved mediator. Working with our lawyer allows you to choose the best approach from a range of options.

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