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5 practical coping strategies after divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2023 | Divorce | 0 comments

It takes remarkable resilience to be a divorce survivor. One must weather a storm unlike any other and still come out with a renewed appreciation toward their new life.

But the path to the finish line, where fresh perspectives await, is not for the faint of heart. After a New Jersey divorce is final, surmounting the residual impact of a failed marriage is an uphill climb of its own.

Recovering from divorce

A medical study drawing an association between divorce and health outcomes shows that around 10-15% of divorced individuals experience substantial struggles post-divorce. The low quality of relationships and feelings of loss generally place them at an increased risk of poor health.

Aside from physical, emotional, mental and financial exhaustion, divorce can break anyone’s most basic day-to-day routines. So, to face and make it through such a life crisis, psychologists recommend the following realistic coping techniques:

  • Allow pain to flow: When they say time heals wounds, they only mean it takes time to process pain. There will still be days that the body’s responses to triggers are intense behaviors. But, as in all things, the tears and screams will eventually pass.
  • Build a reliable support system: Seek psychological, financial and legal counselors. Professional assistance can provide order and structure to seemingly directionless days.
  • Develop self-care plans: While moving on does not happen overnight, gradual steps are possible – eat healthy, do deep breathing exercises or book a trip to a dream destination.
  • Maintain limited but open communication with an ex: Especially if a child is involved, good communication with an ex is still necessary. But there must be clear boundaries to protect each other’s progress.
  • Focus on the future: Significant life changes may be uncomfortable. But embracing them is the only way forward. Too many things may be uncertain now, like economic choices and the child’s needs, but pragmatic solutions are achievable when surrounded by a dependable team.

Everyone has a unique recovery journey. The key is finding a consistent and balanced approach to learning from the past, embracing the present and working on the future.

Bouncing back

Striving for a better tomorrow may take considerable time and resources. Thus, forming a support system as soon as possible is essential. They can take care of important tasks requiring professional services, while one concentrates on personal improvement. After enduring the most challenging parts, healing becomes inevitable.