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Divorce and alimony: Is a lump-sum payment possible?

Ending a marriage can be an expensive undertaking in New Jersey. In addition to the legal fees incurred during the divorce negotiations, there may be additional expenses of alimony and child support. These are typically paid out over time on a monthly basis and can go on for many years. Is there an option for a lump-sum payment where alimony is concerned?

Pros and cons of arbitration in a divorce

The decision to end a marriage is seldom entered into lightly in New Jersey. When a couple decides to divorce, there are different options that can be exercised as to how divorce negotiations will proceed and to what extent the courts will be involved. Arbitration is one such option that reduces the role of the court and has an added benefit of taking place privately rather than in a public courtroom.

Estate planning a gift of the season

It's October and the holiday season will soon be here. It is often said, by people young and old in New Jersey, that they just have too much stuff. There has been a move of late to give to charitable contributions in lieu of gifts to loved ones. Another option would be to get the young adults in one's life started on a long term savings and retirement plan or other aspects of estate planning.

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