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Estate planning should be reviewed in the event of remarriage

Divorce and remarriage in New Jersey are very common in this day and age. Complex family structures are often one result of this phenomenon. One result of all of this is more complex estate planning. When both partners have offspring from prior marriages and possibly children together from the new marriage, they may want to ensure that children are provided for fairly after their deaths.

Plan for your kid’s college tuition in your divorce settlement

In recent years, a New Jersey teen sued her divorced parents for tuition support payments and won. The case gained international news as it raised questions over whether parents —divorced or not — should be legally required to provide financial support for their children through college.

Collaborative divorce: The middle method

With the increasing amount of divorcing marriages in the country, the states have incorporated more ways for couples to separate depending on the condition of their marriage and their properties. Litigation can be costly and leads to intense arguments in the courtroom, but it might be the best option for couples who cannot agree at all in the settlement. Mediation is known as a more peaceful option, but some divorcees are unsatisfied with how one person gets to determine everything.

Estate planning: The final gift to loved ones

Few things in life are guaranteed in New Jersey, but death and taxes are among them. According to one 2017 report, more than 50 percent of Americans have not established a will or a trust and many of those will die without establishing an estate plan that could leave their heirs with a hefty tax bill. Estate planning is vital to ensure that one's final wishes are successfully carried out. Many famous people have passed away without having a will or a trust. Among them are Jimi Hendrix, Prince and Aretha Franklin.

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