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Is nesting right for you?

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2021 | blog, child custody | 0 comments

When divorcing as parents, many of your most frustrating hurdles will likely stem from custody and visitation issues. After all, even if you both want your child to grow up in a stable, loving environment, it is often difficult to cooperate in the aftermath of a split.

In order to provide as much support to your child as possible while simultaneously cutting down on the chance of conflict between co-parents, you may decide to look into nesting.

What is nesting?

Psychology Today discusses the possibility of nesting when going through the divorce process. Nesting involves the children staying within the residence rather than traveling from one home to another for visitation. Instead, the parents cycle in and out, much in the way that birds will return to a nest while raising their babies.

The parent who is not currently living within the family residence has plenty of options and freedom when it comes to where they can stay. They may live with friends or other family members, or they could even get an apartment or another home depending on what arrangement works best.

What are the benefits?

As for the benefits, nesting helps parents through the first stage of divorce very well, providing you and your ex-spouse with the distance that you need to emotionally process the situation at hand. At the same time, it lets you keep the living situation relatively stable for your child, who will not have to adjust to an entirely new living space.

Nesting also benefits families living in pricey cities who simply cannot afford individual rent or single households. Many parents will move on to other living arrangements with time, but for some, this might work as a long-term solution.