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The fundamentals of a collaborative divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2019 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Divorce is frequently a difficult concept for spouses to wrap their brains around. The thought of uncoupling from someone they vowed to love forever is daunting.

The court procedures and mandatory filings in preparation for litigation can make even the most even-keeled person emotional and stressed out. Over the past few years, collaborative divorce has become a new way of getting through the process with less strife and turmoil.

Taking the courts out of the equation

Those people opting to take the collaborative divorce route often do so because it removes the proceedings from the court. It does not mean a total removal of the law or attorneys. It just means the process is more streamlined without the constant threat of litigation hanging over the parties.

Bringing relevant professionals in to help mediate

One of the most refreshing parts of a collaborative divorce is the notion that a couple can split things fairly through meaningful conversation and meetings with experts in relevant fields. These professionals help the couple come to a settlement that is beneficial to everyone involved. Examples of professionals include the following:

  • Real estate broker – helps handle any property-related issues such as valuations and possible listings for sale
  • Financial planner – helps the parties to agree on asset and debt division
  • Child psychologist – helps the children involved by providing counseling services
  • Parenting coordinator – helps the parties settle on a custody agreement and parenting plan

Saving the parties money

The engagement of the above-named professionals to assist in a collaborative divorce can cost money. The parties typically split the cost, unless one has the ability to pay for it all. While the cost of having so many experts is not cheap, it is still usually a reduction in what the parties would pay going through the traditional court system.