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Providing Legal
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Land Use, Planning And Zoning

One of the cornerstones of living in municipalities here in New Jersey is regulating living, work or public buildings in the community. An attorney versed in the land use and zoning laws can be helpful for determining what is legal and appropriate to a wide variety of clients, including individuals looking to expand their living space, businesses creating subdivisions and municipalities planning a new project.

Florham Park zoning lawyer John M. Johnson has 40 years of experience in land use matters here in New Jersey. He has been involved in countless projects over the years that range from private residences here in Florham Park to the iconic Red Bull Arena in Harrison. He has served as planning board attorney, zoning board of adjustments attorney, town attorney and redevelopment attorney for numerous entities here in the Garden State. Regardless of your needs, John M. Johnson’s extensive knowledge in land use law makes him a tremendous resource for any client.

Common Land Use Services We Offer

Attorneys are not required to resolve every land use issue, but it is always a good idea to consult a lawyer knowledgeable in the intricacies of land use regulation when you, your neighbors or your municipality alters a property that affects your property or property values. Common tools in this legal field of include the following:

  • Eminent domain: A state, federal or municipality entity can purchase a private property by paying a fair price. A lawyer may examine a municipality’s “public use” claim to ensure it is valid.
  • Easements: Limited non-ownership interest in a property, such as using a neighbor’s land to access your home.
  • Implied easement: Separating a parcel into two parts when it obviously needs to function as a single parcel.
  • Bulk variance application: This applies when a building application does not comply with an applicable zoning ordinance.
  • Use variance: This allows the owner to use property in a manner that is not permitted under current zoning laws.

Zoning ordinances and disputes are common with nearly every urban area in the country. Land use laws are now much more coordinated on state and regional planning levels because one municipality’s actions could affect another. Now more than ever, a land use lawyer can be helpful.

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