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Social media presence can impact divorce proceedings

Social media currently pervades all aspects of contemporary society. Young people in particular are seemingly posting everything from relationship status, favorite foods, fashion trends, and thoughts and opinions on all of this on some form of social media. Almost everyone has a Facebook account these days as well as Twitter, Instagram and the myriad of others that exist. Is it any wonder that social media posts are beginning to find their way into divorce proceedings in New Jersey?

Taking steps to prepare for divorce can smooth the path

Multiple couples from the popular reality TV franchise, including "The Real Housewives of New Jersey," are in the midst of divorces. Some are divorcing because of alleged affairs and others seemingly for irreconcilable differences. The emotional anguish is frequently splashed across the tabloids for all to see. Divorce between noncelebrities in New Jersey can be just as emotional, though hopefully more private.

Divorce and alimony: Is a lump-sum payment possible?

Ending a marriage can be an expensive undertaking in New Jersey. In addition to the legal fees incurred during the divorce negotiations, there may be additional expenses of alimony and child support. These are typically paid out over time on a monthly basis and can go on for many years. Is there an option for a lump-sum payment where alimony is concerned?

Pros and cons of arbitration in a divorce

The decision to end a marriage is seldom entered into lightly in New Jersey. When a couple decides to divorce, there are different options that can be exercised as to how divorce negotiations will proceed and to what extent the courts will be involved. Arbitration is one such option that reduces the role of the court and has an added benefit of taking place privately rather than in a public courtroom.

Outdated beneficiary can have unintended consequences in divorce

The decision to divorce in New Jersey is seldom made lightly. Once the decision has been reached, there are a number of issues to be addressed. Not least among these is the division of assets. Among assets that are occasionally overlooked in divorce proceedings are items such as life insurance policies and 401(k)s. It's not that their existence is overlooked, but that the designated beneficiary status is, and in many cases, a spouse is designated as the primary beneficiary.

Important divorce preparations

The divorce process formally starts when a person files for a divorce. However, what a person does prior to this filing matters considerably. What preparations individuals make once they decide a divorce may be necessary can significantly impact how the divorce process ends up going for them.

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