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What can you expect from your children after a divorce?

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2022 | blog, divorce | 0 comments

Divorce wreaks havoc on the emotions of every person it touches, including your children. While divorce may be the best option for your situation, you should still act sensitively towards your kids.

According to Healthline, while children may have difficulty accepting a divorce, your reaction can make a significant difference.

The impact on children’s emotions

A divorce can make children feel unstable. When parents split, it can turn their routine upside down. They may think they have to pick sides and become angry with one parent or the other. For kids over 11 years old, you should watch for signs of depression. Children may become more withdrawn or anxious. Most kids have difficulty processing their emotions and may be unable to sleep.

The effect on children’s behavior

You may notice a drop in your child’s grades. Do not punish your child for performing poorly at school, instead pay attention and talk with your child about how he or she feels. Children may feel neglected or in the middle of a conflict between you and their other parent. Pay close attention to how they react to their social group, at school and home. Children may be afraid to go to class or want to isolate. If you have preschoolers or kindergarteners, you may see signs of regression. They may become more clingy.

While you should give your child room to express his or her feelings, if the kid begins to engage in risky behaviors, you may need to have a discussion to curb the behavior.

Keep in mind that kids process change and emotions differently than adults. Speak to them as children, rather than adults.