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How can parallel parenting benefit your family?

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2021 | child custody, divorce | 0 comments

Looking for parenting solutions after a divorce can feel like a huge emotional task. This is especially true if you currently feel as though cooperative parenting would only work in the distant future, if at all.

Fortunately, parallel parenting works as a good potential step between divorce and cooperative parenting. You might find that it serves your family’s needs in the exact way you have looked for.

How does parallel parenting work?

Psychology Today discusses the benefits of parallel parenting. Parallel parenting is not a permanent state of parenting. It exists to pave the way to a smooth transition to cooperative parenting, in which you and your co-parent work together to raise your child.

Parallel parenting allows the two of you to interact with your child, support them, and spend time parenting them. However, you do not do this together, because parallel parenting does not require in-person communication. In fact, parallel parenting disallows face-to-face contact and in-person meetings, and some forms even target talking on the phone.

Instead, you must abide strictly by written communication methods. This includes texts, instant messaging services, and emails, along with handwritten letters. You can even avoid conversations by keeping reports in a notebook and passing it between each other through your child instead of talking directly.

Taking steps toward progress

This gives you both the time and space you need to cool off after a divorce. You can step back from any brewing arguments instead of getting swept up at the moment, and you can focus your time and attention on helping your child through this tumultuous period instead. Once things settle, you can begin to work toward cooperative parenting at your own pace.