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How does divorce affect children?

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2021 | child custody | 0 comments

If you have children involved in your divorce, you may be searching for ways to lessen the blow. No matter how you deliver the news, children will have a negative reaction.

According to Healthline, children are resilient and you can learn to parent them through a divorce.

Toddlers and preschoolers

Children younger than toddler age do notice the changes in the family dynamic. They may not remember the specifics of the divorce, but they may become more fussy, insecure and clingy under three. With infants and babies, try to keep their routine as close to normal as possible.

For children under the age of five, they may not understand the concept of divorce. They may feel like you fight because of them and may have difficulty sleeping.

Elementary children

Children between the ages of six and 12 have difficulty navigating divorce because they can remember the good times as a family and understand the conflict. When parents divorce, children tend to think about it in terms of themselves. They usually believe they had some role to play in the split. Children may blame themselves, they may ask why you cannot stay together and make promises to act better.

Reassure your children that you still love them and you and your spouse will be there for them. Try not to argue around your children. Often, children may show signs of anxiety and depression or become angry with their parents. You need to react patiently and seek help if necessary.

While divorce can be traumatic for children, staying together in a volatile marriage may be worse. Children eventually grow to understand the reason for divorce, but staying in an aggressive marriage turns out worse for everyone.