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Four things you should never post on Facebook during your divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2021 | blog, divorce | 0 comments

Practicing bad social media habits during your divorce could affect your final divorce decree. Be wary of what you post on Facebook since anything you share publicly may serve as evidence against your case and during a custody battle.

If you have minor children, avoid posting information or pictures of any new partners with your children as this may complicate child custody issues.

1. Disparaging comments about your soon-to-be-ex

It can feel tempting to rant about how terrible your ex is and how he or she wronged you. Unhinged, emotional social media posts about your spouse can border on defaming his or her character and you do not want to befall a libel charge amidst your divorce.

2. Information from your attorney

Turning to your social media friends and repeating information your attorney disclosed to you poses a danger to your case. Not only is this a terrible idea in general, but divulging this information online can break the attorney-client privilege you hold.

3. Your updated relationship status

Refrain from posting content of you with a new significant other. This includes changing your relationship status on Facebook. Even if you choose to privately move on and find someone new in a short period of time, making your ex jealous during your divorce could make the rest of the court proceedings more difficult and combative.

4. Discussions about your case

Divulging details of your divorce on your social media could get you in trouble. Even if you feel mistreated, overwhelmed, jealous or spiteful, turn to your attorney for guidance and assistance instead of the internet. Impassioned social media posts may only harm your case in the long run.