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Does New Jersey use red light cameras?

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2020 | blog | 0 comments

Red light cameras are a controversial subject since they can result in a surprise traffic ticket. It can be weeks after the incident when you receive the notice in the mail, which means you may not even remember the incident. 

According to The Morning Call, you do not have to worry about red light cameras in New Jersey because the state stopped using them after a pilot program in 2014. The issues with the cameras led lawmakers to abandon the idea of their long-term and widespread use in the state. 

Both sides of the issue

There are some who still feel these cameras are beneficial. They feel the cameras help to promote safety and reduce reckless driving since they can lead to tickets for both speeding and running a red light. 

Those opposed feel they infringe on driver’s rights and are only about making money. They do not give a person a chance to plead their case with an officer because there is no officer involvement. 

Continuing issue

Even though you will not receive a ticket from a red light camera in New Jersey, it does not mean you will never have one of these tickets show up in your mailbox. The states surrounding New Jersey all use them, and if you need to travel through those states, you could end up with a nasty surprise. 

There are lawmakers working to help prevent other states from mailing you a red light camera ticket. They want to make it a law that New Jersey will not release your information to another state so that they can produce a ticket.