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Helping your children look forward to custody transitions

On Behalf of | May 26, 2020 | child custody | 0 comments

Acclimating to the changes in your family after your divorce will undoubtedly take time. When you have children, helping them accept their new normal and facilitating their growth and understanding may require extra time and patience.

One aspect of arranging child custody that may present unique challenges is the transition between your home and your ex’s home. Your effort to help your child prepare to spend time with each parent may help make custody sharing less contentious and more rewarding.

Supporting the process of transition

According to, find out from your children what they enjoy most about visiting your ex. In preparation for their visits, talk with them about what they are looking forward to and notify them of visits to allow them time to prepare mentally for the switch. Even if you are feeling uneasy about a transition, do your best to remain calm and positive to encourage your children to do the same. Always remind your children of their options to reach you while they are away and be consistent in the way you say goodbye.

Putting differences aside

Arguably the most important thing you can do to provide a good custody experience for your child is to put your differences aside. Often, this is much easier said than done as you may still hold resentment, anger and discontent toward your ex. However, allowing these strong emotions and opinions to dictate your interactions as parents may only amplify issues and put your children in the middle of an uncomfortable and hostile situation.

As you begin negotiating a child custody agreement, make a pact with your ex to be mindful of how you behave around your children. If your ex is not on the same page and refuses to communicate with you in a cordial manner, continue to do your part to have integrity and respect when talking about your ex, especially in front of your children. Your effort to be reasonable may support your effort to be an effective and loving parent.

When you understand how to approach a custody transition the right way, you may facilitate a positive and rewarding experience for your children. If you would like to learn more about the process of getting divorced, please visit our webpage.