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Grounds for divorce in New Jersey

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2019 | divorce | 0 comments

Divorce is one of the toughest challenges a person may face. In New Jersey, starting the process includes declaring the reason why the marriage is not working.

Knowing what some of the legal grounds for the action are can help you choose. The attorneys and staff at Johnson & Johnson, Attorneys at Law, want to aid in your decision. By reviewing some of the most common grounds for divorce, you may find it is easier to kick-start the legal process.


Acts of violence and emotional terror can wreak havoc on a person. Staying in an abusive marriage may cost you your health and wellbeing. If you decide that you can no longer stand the abuse, you may file for divorce citing cruelty as the reason. However, you need to prove that these cruel acts occurred, so prepare yourself for this.


Cheating or infidelity is a big reason couples choose to go their separate ways. Because the act is deeply personal and emotionally hurtful, it can take a lot for the innocent spouse to name this as a grounds for divorce. If there is sufficient evidence to prove the other spouse was a philanderer during the marriage, it may play out in favor of the innocent spouse.


One of the most prevalent issues plaguing people is addiction. It is a disease that can permeate a person’s life and extend to those close. When one spouse faces significant addiction issues, and either refuses to get help or continues bad habits, it can create a poor environment for the family. Documentation of addiction can aid in proving it as a legal ground for divorce.

If you have any further questions about filing for divorce, consult our webpage for assistance.