You might have heard about people having points on their license after committing traffic violations. Points can add up and can have an impact on your ability to operate a motor vehicle legally if you incur too many points in a short period of time. explains what can happen when points are assessed to your license.

Not all traffic violations lead to points. For instance, parking tickets usually don’t cause points to increase, although they too many unpaid tickets may cause your insurance rates to go up. Other offenses will add points to your license, some of which can be very serious. These include drunk driving, accidents where you are determined to be at fault, speeding, reckless driving, and illegal maneuvers on the road. Each state sets its own point systems, and the penalties for excessive points vary based on state laws.

While it seems like a less serious offense, texting and driving can also incur points on your license. In New Jersey, a third texting and driving offense causes your license to be assessed with three points. Points usually remain on your license for two years, although they can remain longer depending on how serious the offense is. Be aware that multiple points can be assessed for different offenses all occurring within the same incident.

Too many points may also lead to a suspended or revoked license. In New Jersey, suspension occurs once a motorist has accrued 12 or more points, according to the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission. Points are deducted each year your driving record remains clean, with a maximum of three points being deducted on a yearly basis.