Social media currently pervades all aspects of contemporary society. Young people in particular are seemingly posting everything from relationship status, favorite foods, fashion trends, and thoughts and opinions on all of this on some form of social media. Almost everyone has a Facebook account these days as well as Twitter, Instagram and the myriad of others that exist. Is it any wonder that social media posts are beginning to find their way into divorce proceedings in New Jersey?

People have been cautioned for some time regarding social media presence and job applications. Employers frequently look at a person’s accounts when considering a hire. Attorney’s are now looking to social media accounts for information in divorce cases.

A recent study brought to light some sobering statistics regarding social media use and divorce cases. When they look for it, 81 percent of divorce lawyers find social media information they believe is worth presenting to the court. Facebook showed up as a principal source of evidence in 66 percent of divorce cases. Online affairs account for 33 percent of legal action taken in divorce cases.

If one is contemplating a divorce in New Jersey, one should be cautious about posting on social media. Being honest with one’s divorce attorney about what he or she might find would be a better course of action than hoping such information is not found. Being honest about it allows for a proactive approach. A knowledgeable and experienced family law attorney can advise the client on the best way to handle information that may be misconstrued.